August 27, 2005
St. Pauli 3:1

I didn't even know that St. Pauli was playing last night, until the email newsletter arrived and I realized that the game would start in two hours. So I called up Marcus, who was going with his friends Tim & Paddy, we met up in front of the stadium and ended up getting front-row seats near the midfield line. They were playing Rot-Weiss Oberhausen, and since Marcus apparently has relatives there or once lived there or something like that (I didn't quite get the story), he claimed to be suffering from conflicted loyalties.

St. Pauli scored the first goal after two minutes! And the last one was an in-your-face goal in extra time after the other side had a defensive breakdown. 3:1 for the good guys! Marcus seemed to take it all right.

In front of the stadium I ran into Monica, one of the assistants at work ("assistant" is the politically correct term these days for what used to be called "secretary"). I had no idea that she was a St. Pauli fan, but it turned out that she was sitting two rows behind me, so we could high-five after the goals.

Paddy had been in Florida last year, and I had to spend most of the evening enduring his deluded Floridian view of the world. He broke out laughing when I told him I'm from Ohio, saying that the Cleveland Indians are even worse than St. Pauli. Those are fightin' words of course, but I managed to retain my composure and explained to him that some teams are always the moral victors no matter what happens on the field, something that any St. Pauli fan should understand. Then he tried to get me to agree that the Florida Gators and the Miami Hurricanes are the two best college football teams in the US; after all, that's what everyone in Florida told him. I explained that this is nonsense, and that they're all just jealous and angry ever since the real best team in the country gloriously defeated Miami in double overtime for the 2002 national championship. I was tempted to taunt him with the fact that we have Florida to blame for Bush in 2000, but then we also have Ohio to blame for Bush in 2004.

Marcus, who told me that he has a new girlfriend since I saw him last, was SMSing throughout most of the game and jabbering with Tim & Paddy the rest of the time. I don't recall seeing him look towards the field at any time at all. Then afterward he complained that the game had been boring, to which I answered that he could hardly know since he wasn't watching, but he insisted that he saw "the important parts". Later on we all went to Dschungel in the Schanzenstrasse, which was packed full as one would expect after a St. Pauli win. Back out on the street, when we were on at least our seventh Astra of the evening, he told me that he may have found the woman he's always been looking for; terrific news for Marcus, whose long search has been the stuff of poetry.


i watched almost the important parts of the match ;-)
marcus - August 31, 2005-12:20
geoff, it wasn't a "may have". it was a "i've found the woman i was always looking for"...

you should excercise your german listening. or stop drinking...;-)
marcus - August 31, 2005-23:49
I'm sorry, Marcus, and you're quite right, I had so many Astras in me at that point, I wasn't quite sure the next day what you said exactly. So I put it that way to be careful. But I'm happy that I was wrong, cool!
geoff - September 01, 2005-09:26
I want to login, but I can`t ;(
Supersimmons - October 17, 2008-22:56
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