October 30, 2006
Love is a Race Car

This past weekend the kids and I attended the wedding ceremony of my two soul-plumbers, to use a German turn of phrase. Dieter and Anna are now a husband and wife soul-plumbing team.

Earlier this year they told us about some quotations from kids aged 4 to 8 to answer the question "What is Love?", little bits of insight and wisdom that only little kids could ever think of. So as an offering to the bride and bridegroom, I asked my kids to think of their own answers to that timeless question, which I took down on a card and gave to them at the wedding. Here's what they came up with.

Liebe ist, wenn Du von einer geliebten Person aufgemuntert wirst, weil Du einen schlechten Tag hattest. -- Lennard, 12 Jahre

Kein Quatsch, keine L?gengeschichten, nur Liebe ist, wenn Du jemanden liebst. -- Killian, 7 Jahre

Liebe ist, wenn der Vater der Mutter ein Rennauto schenkt. -- Kira, 5 Jahre

Love is when you are cheered up by someone you love because you had a bad day. -- Lennard, age 12

No nonsense, no lying stories, love is just when you love someone. -- Killian, age 7

Love is when the father gives the mother a race car. -- Kira, age 5

I knew that Anna, who loves to drive her slick-looking MG, would especially like that last one.

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