June 02, 2006
The Blog is Back

The last word on this blog was that I was back from my trip to Italy in early October and outa my mind. Anyone checking in since then would have had to conclude that I've been outa my fuckin' mind throughout all of the last nine months or so, which would probably be about right, I guess. But that's no reason not to keep blogging, is it?

At any rate, the blog has returned. Let's see how well I can keep it up this time around.

I haven't been entirely idle, though, because some pictures have gone up in the meantime. I took some blurry shots with my mobile of the Goldfrapp concert at Docks in October and of the Roisin Murphy concert in the Markthalle on my 41st birthday. And if you have a password to my friends & family site (write me if you need one), you can see some pictures of the Toscana trip, our visit to the zoo with Tammo & Tjaldina, various random shots of the kids last fall, Christmas with Kerstin, Zoe & Hannah, some closeups of Kira, the kids at the world's largest model railroad, a day at the Dom with Kerstin and her girls, my visit with Cassie in London, Killian and Kira doing acrobatics, my little brother Mirko kite-surfing at the North Sea, and my visit with the Lucias in Munich.

One thing that stands out in the access stats to my short-lived blog is that my most popular post by far was the one I wrote about Feeders the day after I first heard about them from Mart. The site has apparently been hit by people everywhere the world, as far away as Japan, India, Australia, and all over Europe, looking in the search engines for sites about feeders, feedees, before & after pictures of fat women, that sort of thing. Here's a sample of the search texts, just from last month, that people have been using at places like Google, Yahoo and MSN to discover my blog:

So welcome, all you lovers of blubber, I'm sorry that this is probably not what you were looking for, but I hope you find what you need to stay satisfied and full.

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