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July 17, 2006
Harley Days

On Sunday I went out to see the Hamburg Harley Days, a yearly gathering of bikers who fairly take over the town. I got some pictures before my camera gave up the ghost, which I broke my heart because I missed some marvellous shots, and didn't get any of the Queen Mary II, which was docked in the harbor. I had to take some of the pix with my mobile, so the quality leaves something to be desired, but at any rate, here they are.

July 12, 2006
Blue Goals and Sky Arena

For the World Cup 2006, Hamburg was decorated with Blue Goals, blue lights in the shape of a soccer goal mounted on buildings all over the city. I must admit I got tired of seeing them (they've been up for months), but Charming Nina me sent a series of pictures taken around Hamburg that look fairly spectacular.

She also sent me more spectacular pictures of the Sky Arena in Frankfurt, a light show put on shortly before the World Cup began.

If my information is correct, the Blue Goals pictures were taken by Michael Zapf and are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. I don't about the Sky Arena pictures; Charming Nina says she got them from a colleague, who didn't know where they came from. So if you know who took the shots and under what terms, let me know.

July 10, 2006
Zizou is an asshole

Un-fucking-believable. What a disgraceful and stupid way to end a fine career. Up until that moment, I greatly respected the man and was rooting for France. After that, I was all for Italy. Sorry to everyone in le Grande Nation, but losing the World Cup was fitting justice.

July 09, 2006
Blackwell to rule on independent conservative candidacy in OH-15

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Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, the Republican nominee for Governor who is notorious for alleged election irregularities under his tenure, will have to make a tie-breaking decision on whether to allow conservative Charlie Morrison to get on the ballot as an independent in the race for Ohio's 15th district, against seven-term incumbent Republican Deborah Pryce and Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy, her Democratic challenger. Morrison, a hard-line conservative who has said that he wouldn't mind a Kilroy victory one bit, is almost certain to weaken Pryce's chances in a three-way race; the GOP opposes his candidacy on the grounds that he has established party affiliation by voting in the Republican primary.

After a tie vote by the Franklin County Board of Elections along party lines, Blackwell will have to make the final decision. Ironically, Blackwell is in a situtation very similar to that of former Ohio Secretary of State Sherrod Brown, now the Democratic nominee for Senate, who ruled in 1984 that Blackwell could run in the Republican primary despite voting in the Democratic primary of 1980.

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July 05, 2006
Italy 2 : Germany 0

Scheisse! Go suck your own noodle. Un cazzo! Excuse me now while I go get myself fucked up ...

July 03, 2006
Angie and the Kaiser

Angie and the Kaiser