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April 23, 2009
Binge Tweeting

For quite some time I was of the modest opinion that services like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are ridiculous, and thought that the people who use them are idiots. No way would I ever be so foolish. But I kept getting invitations to Facebook, and kept hearing about Twitter, so finally, reluctantly, I broke down and joined up, just to see what it's all about, only to have a minimal presence, I told myself, still inwardly sneering at all of those people wasting their time.

Right away I was secretly enjoying it, ashamed of my new guilty pleasure (as if I needed any new ones), very reluctant to admit that I liked it, even to myself. But before long I was overindulging, Twittering my life away, re-loading Facebook every ten seconds, adding friends and becoming a fan of everything I could find, neglecting my real-life responsibilities, going at it day and night. Now I'm overloaded, exhausted, hung over, all out of Tweets because I can't think of anything else to say, and wondering if I'm the biggest fool of them all.

And this all happened in the course of, um, about a week?

I feel like someone who has refused alcohol for religious reasons all his life, then took one drink and immediately got drunk, felt liberated and went on a week-long, overwrought, self-destructive binge straight out of "Fear and Loathing", and is now allergic to the stuff.

Anyway. Follow me on Twitter! Join me on Facebook! Enable me!