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March 25, 2009

This post is entirely self-indulgent, which you can't stand if you've got any sense, so for Pete's sake, be reasonable and go someplace else.

I think it was about four years ago when my project manager took this shot of me in the developer room about a day before we had to deliver a milestone on schedule, which explains the scowl.

Me, circa 2005, scowling

But for a long time, it was the only digital head shot that I had, so I used it for just about everything -- notably, for my XING page, as well as my Warhol knock-off on the front page of this site. The XING picture wasn't much of a hit. A number of contact invitations noted that it wasn't very inviting, and an old friend from Uni Hamburg wrote that it was "scary".

In the meantime, I've lost some weight, lost the beard, got contact lenses and cut my hair, so I needed a new picture. This weekend I took about twenty shots of myself, holding up the camera in front of my face in the apartment underneath halogen lights, and hated them all. But I picked one that I disliked least, and here it is ...

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March 22, 2009
Deep Thought

A blog that doesn't get updated for nine months is stale, lame, and profoundly sucky.

Check out that last post. The countdown clock is off the web, and Barack Obama has been President for two months now!