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December 24, 2006
This is sick, evil, awful and wrong

Do not follow this link unless you want to run screaming through the streets like a desperate madman.

December 06, 2006
In Which I Challenge Dubya to Three Rounds

(Crossposted at The Daily Kos.)

President George W. Bush
The White House

Dear Mr. President,

I hereby publicly challenge to you to a boxing match, three rounds of two minutes, to be conducted according to the rules of USA Boxing (Master Division), with a referee, judges, ring physician, the standard protective equipment, and any medical precautions you may feel necessary. This is not a joke or a bluff. I will meet you at any time, at any place, and under any conditions you stipulate, as long as the rules for a fair match apply.

And let me tell you something, Mr. President, you're going down in one. Here's how I'm gonna knock you out: I'll create an opening with a combination jab, then stun you with a left uppercut, and then, here it comes, the RIGHT HOOK, WHAM, and that's what's gonna wipe the frat-boy smirk clean off your face. You'll be out before you hit the mat.

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