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October 02, 2006
OH-15: Will Pryce fight for a FULL investigation?

(Crospposted at the Daily Kos.)

My Representative in the United States House Of, Deborah Pryce of Ohio's 15th district, who is being challenged this November by Mary Jo Kilroy, is the House Republican Conference Chairman and the 4th-ranking member of the House GOP leadership, after Hastert, Boehner and Blunt. The unfolding "boytoy" scandal about former Rep. Mark Foley has suggested that members of the House GOP leadership knew of Foley's conduct for a long time and covered it up; both Hastert and Boehner have been implicated, as well as a number of other Republican Congressmen. In an article in today's Columbus Dispatch (look way down at the bottom), Pryce spokesmen are cited as saying that she knew nothing about the Foley matter until last week.

Now House Speaker Dennis Hastert has called for a DOJ investigation that, as Glenn Greenwald points out, would avoid looking into any complicity or cover-up on the part of House Republican leadership.

Will Deborah Pryce use her authority as a GOP leader and her recently-discovered stance as an "independent" to demand full investigation of the entire scandal, including wrongdoing on the part of other Republicans? Will she get in Denny Hastert's face, if that's what it takes? As Pryce's constituent, I fully expect and demand nothing less.

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