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June 27, 2006
Our Founding Moonbat

(Crossposted at the Daily Kos.)

It has been said that his journalism is "unfair" and "vicious" and "takes a back seat to everyone, including Jayson Blair, in terms of ethics", that it "might well have been the best fiction written in the English language", that "every dip of his pen stung like a horned snake", and that he was "loose cannon" whose "ninety-proof prose" incited the "rabble". His lifelong political enemy called him "the great incendiary" and a master of the puppets, deplored his "obstinacy and inflexible disposition", and also accused him of "defalcation" (a quaint expression for embezzlement). It's been said that "like most men contending solely for a principle he was distinctly a 'trouble-maker.'" And finally, the authorities declared that his "offenses are of too flagitious a nature to admit of any other consideration but that of condign punishment."

I know what you're thinking, these are probably more fulminations about a lefty blogger from some MSM pundits; probably David Brooks or Lee Siegel, considering the florid language, but maybe it's David Broder or Maureen Dowd or Richard Cohen. And who's the blogger? Well it must be Kos, of course, or maybe now they're picking on another member of the "blogger A-list".

In fact, the object of all that contempt was an agitator, pundit and political organizer; a delegate to the Continental Congress; a signer of the Declaration of Independence; and a Governor of Massachusetts: Samuel Adams. Among the Founding Fathers, none of whom was a slouch when it came to patriotic passion, Adams was undoubtedly the most radical, uncompromising and inflammatory. If he were alive today, he would surely be a flaming lefty blogger, probably one of the "A-List", with a large following; but the MSM would be calling him a Kingpin, rabid and venomous, vituperative, thuggish and fascist; and the wingnuts would be calling him an unhinged moonbat.

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