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September 21, 2005
Old Friends

Cassie from London, an old friend I've known for over fifteen years, arrived today for an extended visit. She's going on a tour around the country that begins and ends here in Hamburg, first here until the end of this week, when I leave for Italy for a week (same place I went last summer). Then I have the kids at my place for a week after, while Cassie will be tooling around places like Paderborn and maybe Marburg. And then after she'll be at my place for another week, so that her visit will last into mid-October, about a month in all.

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September 10, 2005
Two Minutes

St. Pauli had a home game today, and I had to miss it! Grrr. Small consolation: they won 1:0, again scoring their first (and only) goal after two minutes.