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September 24, 2005
Il Paese Bello

I'm leaving this evening for a week in the village of Casola in the Tuscany, same place I went to last summer. See you back at the blog around October 1st.

September 08, 2005
The Dune Project

I already mentioned this in one of the first posts to my new blog at Sun -- at long last I'm allowed to tell people about the project that's kept me busy at work for about the last year and a half, and which will keep me busy for much of the near future (here's the press release in German). The press release has actually been out for a couple of months, but we've had to hold back until now for reasons that I'm not at liberty to talk about. All I'll say about that is: IANAL, and thank God for that. Anyway, the project is signed and sealed, now we have to get it delivered.

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September 07, 2005

Just started blogging a few weeks ago, and now I already have two of 'em -- this one here and a blog at Sun that I just got started yesterday. Starting last year, any Sun employee who wants to can run a blog at, and by now there are thousands of them. I plan to use the "work" blog to write about the stuff I do on the job -- Java, software, that sort of thing. This one is for everything else (including subjects that my employer might prefer not to see on its site).

September 01, 2005
Allah's Red Herring

Oh yeah, I posted a couple of entries about the terrorist scare last week in Hamburg, after somebody heard some guys with a backpack talking in Arabic about being "heroes before Allah". So I might as well follow up to add that, as I hoped and suspected, the whole thing was a false alarm. The police found and questioned the three Chechnyan guys who were overheard at the bus stop and concluded that, whatever they might have been talking about, they weren't planning to blow stuff up. So now the whole thing has blown over, almost entirely out of Hamburg's consciousness just a week later. The police and media seem to have overreacted completely, and maybe I did too, to be honest.

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